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Oracle Arena Suites – Oakland GSW Suite Guide

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Oracle Arena, Oakland, California – Home of the Golden State Warriors

The Oracle Arena is located in Oakland, California and is home of the NBA team the Golden State Warriors. The team actually only has one more season to play in that arena before moving to the new Chase Stadium in San Francisco.

Fan fact – A lot of fans in the bay area actually nicknamed the arena ” Roaracle Arena ” as it tends to be so loud during GSW games.

Besides the basket ball team, the arena hosts many concerts and events during the year for residents and fans to come and enjoy. The Oracle Arena was actually built in 1966 and is the oldest active arena in the NBA right now.

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Oracle Arena Suites details and prices

Are you planning to watch your favorite warriors playing from the comfort of your private box? If the answer is yes, then you are at the perfect place. Today, we will tell you how you can have a beautiful evening while enjoying your favorite games.

We can understand lately how boring your life has been due to the heavy workload. Working for hours and then going home and then back to work has made you pretty sick of the usual routine. After all this stress, we do know you need a refreshment, that too with some entertainment. Sounds interesting? Hah!

Guess what? We have a perfect combination for you! You can readily hire a comfortable suite in the heart of Oakland and enjoy some of your favorite events from your comfort zone.

Read this article further to know how you can have the most of your evening while staying up at the Oracle arena suites.

What The Oracle Arena Suites Offers?

oracle arena suites
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With the most intriguing atmosphere and a background dedicated to entertainment, the Oracle arena has its charm no matter what. Even though there have been other arenas like Bayshore, b however, what the Oracle arena holds can never be found anywhere else.

If you ever get to visit this attractive location, you will be thrilled with the vibes it has to offer. You can feel the amusement in the air. Besides, all this stuff will compel you to stay there forever and never come back. Ah!

Honestly, you are getting much more than what you are expecting. You can enjoy your favorite gaming teams playing up or watch your beloved celebrities performing and what not?! we do know there’s always a funky freak in all of us, and we would love that to come out, sometimes maybe!

Whether you are a football or basketball fan, you are getting all of these here. Let’s move one to find out how this site has gained so much popularity.

The Oracle Arena suites offer four styles of luxury boxes:

  • The Concourse suites
  • The Mezzanine suites
  • The loft suites
  • The theatre boxes

Scroll below for detailed information about each suite Oracle Arena has to offer:

The Historical Basketball Background To This Amazing Arena

Suppose you wonder how this arena has got such a rich, entertaining ambiance. In that case, it’s all because of its association with gaming. For many years it has been a home to America’s most prominent basketball team, the warriors. Some of the outstanding teams that performed here are;

Golden State Warriors 

If you are a 60s kid and a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors, let us tell you this Oracle arena is the home to this enormous basketball team. You can have an idea from those scenic photographs and trophies hanged in the hallways.


We do know the name has already made you feel super excited! Oracle Arena has been able to hold about some of history’s most successive basketball matches. You can even click some fan moment pictures with those framed jerseys as well.

However, suppose you are not a basketball fan, then this arena has much more to offer according to everyone’s preferences.

Types Of Events You Can Enjoy

Oracle arena has everything for everyone. Besides having basketball matches, you can enjoy live concerts by your favorite musicians. A live music show with the crowd all over it does sound so mesmerizing.

Moreover, suppose you have a hidden artist inside you, and you want it to explore something stirring; in that case, the theater will indeed work for you. with such a vast sitting area and exhilarating setting, you will enjoy.

Apart from all these, you can also enjoy other games, including hockey. Once you are in there, after that, there is no way out. You will fall in love with each and everything belonging to this arena. However, read further how all of these events can be fetched. 

How To Book An Event?

Booking an event, no matter a concert or a game or a drama, everything is way too simple at the Oracle Arena. You don’t have to go around to buy some nifty tickets for a hefty price, and in the end, get nothing. 

Oracle arena has made everything way too more accessible for its users. If you need to book an event, then you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, go to the official website of the arena. No third parties must be contacted.
  2. Secondly, select the event you want for yourself or your friends and family.
  3. Thirdly, the website will ask you for some essential credentials. Carefully fill-up the form and submit it.
  4. Lastly, you will receive an email for the confirmation part whether your booking is made or not.

And that’s all, folks! Yes, it is that simple to book an event yourself. You never have to worry about whether the bookings are authentic or not, as they never involve any third-party dealers; all the contact is one-to-one.

Possible Ways To Enjoy The Events

However, the events may seem easy to book, but what if you cannot enjoy the view properly? Worry not, as we have the best possible positions from where you can enjoy your event to the fullest.

  • Open Seating Areas

The Oracle arena has some of the most spacious sitting areas. You can readily choose accordingly while making the booking online. However, you may have to pay some extra bucks for the front-premium seats. 

While making the booking, you will be shown the available seats at the location, and you can choose among them. Besides, you can select among the corner seats and the middle seats as well. If you are not fond of the crowd, then we have another option as well.

  • Private Suite Lounges

The Oracle arena has something exceptional for those who want to enjoy a good game or event from their comfort zone. You can book yourself an exquisite suite and have the best experience you ever had.

Still unsure why you must go for a suite; we have some to-the-point valid reasons for that; read further to know.

Why Go For A Suite At Oracle Arena?

If you live for entertainment and on top of that you like to stay in your circle, then there is no better option than a suite for you. A suite will make you feel at home while enjoying your game.

A private suite provides you customized attention, excellent views, and private restrooms and other facilities. Moreover, you can also access premium parking, entrances, and concourses, among the exclusive benefits. You can experience the world’s best music acts with comfortable seating and excellent sightlines.

There can be no better option than a suite as you get your own space with a fabulous view. Want to know more about the clear visuals? Move to the next topic.

Where Are The Suites Located?

Suits are located at some of the best locations in the arena. You will have a view that is too good to be real. Some famous suites have an exquisite view from them, which you will fall in love with. However, you have to book them in advance as there might be availability issues often. Some of the suites are;

Concourse Suites 

If you love to watch a Warrior game or concert, these kinds of suites are the best. This suite is located just along the baseline, just above the 100 level. You and your guests will have incomparable views of the court or concert floor, in addition to expensive furnishings, deluxe cuisine, and VIP service.

Mezzanine Suites

Just above the Concourse suites resides the Mezzanine suites which offer similar views to the Concourse suites, just slightly above. Moreover, you can have this suite for an affordable price as well. You also get 20 tickets with 4 VIP parking passes with a lavishing view if you purchase this suite.

Loft Suites

Some of the suites at the Mezzanine level are also called loft suites. These suites are tiny and can do work for you if you want something smaller or intimate. Moreover, you are getting six plush high-back seats with this suite as well.

Theater Boxes

Theater Boxes are positioned on the arena’s south end and may accommodate groups of up to four people. Oracle Arena suites ensure a first-class suite experience for you and your guests, whether you’re hosting a business or treating family and friends to an event.

So, have you decided over which one to go for? If yes, then read further about how you can book one. However, another suite exists above every suite mentioned; let’s get to read it below.

The Premium Seating Plan Suite

oracle arena suites - court side seat
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This premium seating plan suite is located just at the playground base and gives you a distinctive look at the ground. You may feel as if you are in the actual field. 

With the premium seating plan, you will have some spectacular services that no other suite booking will provide. Whenever you book a premium seating plan, you get to have a luxurious suite for you and your friends.

Moreover, you will get access to the flawless JP Morgan Lounge. At this lounge, you can enjoy a good cocktail while looking over your favorite game or concert. Also, you are getting free WIFI. What else do you want?

However, you have to pay some extra bucks with such benefits, but the view will be definitely worthwhile. 

How To Book A Suite?

Booking a suite at the Oracle Arena is not a technical thing. You just have to own an internet connection and your gadget with your essential credentials. You just have to go through some of the most straightforward steps, and your suit is ready for you.

On their official website, you can choose a suite to book for yourself. Moreover, you have to pay some advance payment as well to book a suite. As these suites are way too lavish and expensive, they may ask you to deposit security as well.

You must also provide the date and time you are willing to book the suit. In case of cancellation, you may have to pay up the half bill as well. Moreover, while mention the date and time, don’t forget to mention the event you want to attend.

What Makes These Suites Unique?

The over-the-top setup of the suits and the top-notch services provided at these suites make them unique. You can just book up a suite and have your friends and family enjoy the moment.

Besides, who won’t love the advantage of having special VIP parking? Also, some of the suites have lush wine bars. So, you can enjoy your game while sipping a glass of wine on your cozy chair. 

Which Suite Is The Most Demanding?

The Mezzanine suites are some of the most demanding suites that everyone has been talking about. The price tag is what makes them the most demanding. Even though the Concourse suites provide you with a premium view, the price tag may be slightly heavier.

Moreover, you are not getting any cutback in your view; therefore, this can be the best choice for you if you don’t want anything to rip off your budget. While booking yourself a suite, you must keep in mind some of the necessary points discussed below. 

Things To Take Care Of

Booking a high-end suite at any kind of arena is not just a piece of cake. Try to consider the following points beforehand booking any suit at the Oracle Arena.

  • Specify the exact date of the event, or you may end up on the wrong day, therefore missing the occasion.
  • Provide your authentication credentials and don’t share them with anyone else.
  • If you are ever planning to cancel your booking, you might have to pay some bucks as a fine.


To sum it up, we do know till now you have already decided on which suite you are going to book for your lovely evening. However, do not forget to consider the points we have mentioned in this article. Have a glorious weekend ahead! 

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