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Pepsi Center Suites – Currently Ball Arena Suites

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Pepsi Center, Now Ball Arena, Denver Colorado – Home of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche

– You will learn everything you need to know about the reasons to choose Pepsi Center suites ( Ball arena suites ) over others.

– Now you do not need to worry about the sitting arrangement at the suite as we will let you know about the capacity of having people at suites.

– You will come to know about the different levels of suites with their various services provided.

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Club Level Suite
Denver Nuggets Suite
Colorado Avalanche suite
Lower Level Suite

Upcoming Events at Ball Arena

All scheduled Events:

JUL 23
Sat 7:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
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JUL 24
Sun 7:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
JUL 25
Mon 8:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
JUL 31
Sun 7:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 07
Sun 7:30 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 12
Fri 7:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 16
Tue 5:30 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 21
Sun 8:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 23
Tue 8:30 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 27
Sat 7:00 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO
AUG 31
Wed 7:30 PM
Ball Arena, Denver CO

Are you tired of searching for the best suite for viewing games with comfort under one roof with all luxurious facilities but could not find the best one? If yes, then we are here to help you in this regard. However, we acknowledged that it is demanding for everyone these days to view games or events in luxury.

However, it might not be easy to book suites with personalized catering packages, flat-screen television, and comfortable leather chairs under the desired budget. But don’t you worry as we will sort out this issue within the next few minutes.

So, if you do not want to miss out on this opportunity to watch games from the comfort of your own booked suite, then stick to this article till the end. As we will provide all the necessary information regarding Pepsi Center suites with their lavish facilities. To have more insight into this matter, keep on scrolling!

Endless Experience With Pepsi Center Suites ( currently ball arena suites )

If you want to reserve a suite for all sporting and entertainment activities under your budget, why don’t you try a Pepsi Center suite? It is a multi-purpose arena located in Denver, Colorado, USA. It is one of the country’s most versatile and dynamic venues. Moreover, this Pepsi Center is now known as Ball Arena.

Furthermore, it is a vast enclosed platform, usually round or oval in shape, used to host theatre, musical acts, or sporting activities. It consists of vast open space with seating for audiences on most or all sides, which a roof may cover. Its event space is the lowest area of an arena, allowing for the best visibility. These areas are most frequently used for sporting events.

Moreover, the Pepsi suites offers a variety of hospitality spaces and private meeting rooms to accommodate your audience. You can also host public or private events, ranging from ice performances to concerts to monster truck races.

Subsequently, a separate VIP entrance is available to your event visitors for a single game or event suite, which grabs everyone’s attention. You can also enjoy barstool seating on the balcony of your booked suite only with the ticketing system rented for one-time events.

Additionally, gesture taps, tissue paper dispensers, and sanitizer devices have been fitted in all bathrooms throughout the suite to eliminate the surface contact time in this pandemic situation.

Ball Arena Suites Prices

How much do Ball Arena Suites cost? the TLDR reply is that they range from $2,000 to $12,000 with an average price of $3,500 to get a ball arena ( formally Pepsi center ) suite.

Why such a big range in suite prices?

Well, because Ball Arena offers different levels and types of suites, the prices can change, also, and maybe even more important is the venue, for NBA games you will have one rate, for WNBA you will have another. For concert or hockey game or show, the rate will change again, it’s all about the demand.

Speaking of demand, the day of the week comes into play as well, you be surprised that suites tend to be more expensive during weekdays, because that’s when most companies and corporations entertain their guests so demand is higher.

Should I wait for the last day before booking my suite?

That’s a good question, most sport fans know that sometimes in the last day before the game tickets tend to have a lower price tag as people who have tickets and can’t go for some reason just want to get rid of them and recover some cost, however, with suites and the higher demand and obvious limited inventory, prices can even go up if you wait too long.

Our advice?

If you know for sure you’re going on a specific date, BOOK it when you can, as early as possible!

Are there any other costs beside booking the suite?

YES! Booking the suite just gives you the VIP seats, however like any other seat in the arena, if you want drinks, food or similar you need to pay for them separately.


If you plan on hosting at your suite, you can pay in advance and have your guests order ” freely ” from the cater. Most companies spend between $1,000 to $2,000 per night, so it’s a good idea to plan beforehand

Reasons Why To Choose A Unique Venue For Your Events?

Because crowded areas and insufficient access are just a few of the issues that might arise from choosing the wrong location, so this might ruin the mood of your audience. You can not only enjoy events and games but also impress your guest with your unique site.

Moreover, you can enjoy outdoor and indoor settings at Pepsi Center. However, outdoor settings are frequently the most acceptable option when looking for a distinctive event venue. You can entertain in style all year long in the comfort of your own area. As it offers comfortable leather chairs or sofas, HD large screen televisions, and a bar area.

Additionally, all-suite members receive priority access to Ball Arena’s most prestigious amenities, such as premium parking, VIP entrance, early sporting event registration, and valet parking. Therefore, before you reserve your venue for sports or any other event, make sure that whether it is fit for you and for your guest or not.

How Big Is Pepsi Center ( Ball Arena )?

pepsi center suites
image via uncovercolorado

Pepsi Centre is extended over 45 acres, which means It comprises 18,007 seats for basketball games and 20,000 seats for concerts and other events. Moreover, a total of 250 sporting events, concerts, and special events are held at the Ball arena every year.

However, they are going to increase the capacity, which means a large number of people can accommodate easily without any difficulty.

Will Fans Be Allowed Into Ball Arena?

Yes, visitors and fans will be admitted only if they have done with the corona report, vaccination and have completed the evaluation form. Moreover, they implement strict sanitation, health, and safety measure to safe their guests, visitors, and players from any harm.

However, these health and safety regulations will be upgraded accordingly, based on changing standards, public health, and legislative instructions. Those who failed to follow their set rules will not enter the ball arena or Pepsi Center.

8 Safety Rules To Follow Before Entering Into Suite

All visitors and guests are needed to follow the below-mentioned safety protocols before going to enter suites.

  1. It is mandatory for everyone to wear masks before going into the suite
  2. It will have digital event tickets and parking cards, allowing for touchless scanning from mobile devices.
  3. Pepsi Center suite does not accept paper currency; instead of it, it allows debit cards and apple pay as a payment method.
  4. No extra bags, purses are allowed inside a suite.
  5. No smoking is allowed inside or outside the suite premises.
  6. Social distancing is much more essential to avoid any contact with crowded audience.
  7. Any guest who leaves Ball Arena for any reason will not be allowed to return.
  8. Food and beverage may only be consumed in the specified ticketed seat or suite to maintained Sops.

What Games Are Played At Pepsi Center?

Pepsi Center is famous for NBA’s Denver Nuggets, NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, NLL’s Colorado Mammoth games. However, several college basketball and hockey tournaments have also taken place in Pepsi Center, which includes four NCAA Men’s basketball tournaments and the NCAA Women’s tournament.Moreover, you can also enjoy Denver Debacle, martial arts, and wrestling at the Center.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Suite For Your Event

It would be helpful if you consider following things before booking your suite, whether for a single game event or meeting.


The capacity of the venue is one of the first concerns for any event planner and moderator. Whether you’re planning a small-scale athletic event for a small audience or a larger-scale event for a large audience, you may already have an idea of how big your crowd will be. So choose wisely.


For many potential attendees, the event’s location may be the decisive factor in whether or not they purchase a ticket. So you should pick a safe place with simple access and short travel times where you and your guests will feel comfortable.

Parking Area

Another essential factor to consider is parking. If this is not taken into account, it can create issues on the day of your event or tournament. So before you are going to book your suite, see its parking area to save yourself and your guests from several problems.


It’s an essential consideration before selecting a suite because only a few centres provide luxurious services at reasonable rates. So you should find out whether your desired suites offer foods and beverages, indoor and outdoor settings, Wi-Fi connectivity, wheelchair, and ramp walk for disabled people or not.

Different Level Of Suites at ball arena

Ball Arena Suites and seating map

Chart via seg

Pepsi Center offers different level of suites which provides various facilities to their guests and fans. We have discussed a few of them to choose from according to your desires and needs for your convenience.

Denver Nuggets Suite

Pepsi Center Suites
image via wikipedia

This suite is designed for all basketball lovers who wish to view matches with ultimate comforts and luxurious facilities. Moreover, it can hold up to 20 guests, and these boxes are entirely private for you and your group. The cost of each Nuggets suite varies according to the room area, days of the week, and competition.

It offers comfortable seating with excellent services, including two club lounges and delicious foods with chilled beverages. Nuggets apartments are large and comfortable, making them a good choice for families looking for privacy and control over their surroundings.

Colorado Avalanche Suite

Pepsi Center Suites
image via nhl

Mainly Avalanche suites are used to view hockey matches, but you can book them for another purpose too. This suite holds up to 20 guests per cabin and has 12 immovable seats with extra coffee tables on the balcony to enjoy the view. Its cost ranges from low to high depending on days, competitions, and facilities provided.

Moreover, food and drinks, including alcohol, can also be served at all Avalanche suites. It also offers VIP facilities from sliding glass doors to escalators to reach your private suite without crossing any vast crowd.

Club Level Suite

Pepsi Center Suites
Image via suiteexperiencegroup
Pepsi Center Suites
Image via suiteexperiencegroup

The Pepsi Center Club Level Luxury Suites are located on the higher of the two primary suite levels. Club Level suites often come with 20 tickets and contain both inside and external seating, as well as a private observation balcony with theatre-style seats. 

It also includes a wet bar, refrigerator, and ice maker, as well as high-definition flat-screen televisions, local phone service, and a microwave.

Lower Level Suite

Pepsi Center Suites
image via viewfrommyseat

Interior and exterior seating, as well as a personal balcony with luxurious seats, are available in the lower level suites. It also includes an in-suite restroom, so you no need to go outside of your boxes, in addition to high-definition flat-screen televisions. 

It also contains a local phone service and an internet facility. This suite is mainly located on the ground floor and has an individually climate-controlled system to save you from extreme heat.

How To Book A Suite?

You can book a suite instantly by an online method by clicking the BOOK button on their website. Confirm your order by email for the specific pick-up location and times if you’re picking up your tickets at one of our Last Moment Service (LMS) sites.

You can also book your suite by purchasing tickets through the Pepsi Center office, but this may take time as there is a long queue of people.

Ticketing System At Pepsi Suite Center

Children under the age of three do not require a separate room ticket to enter the suite as they can sit on the lap of the registered person. Those who are two years of age and older are generally needed to have a ticket for concerts and special events.

Although for a Denver Nuggets suite, any child above age 12 will require a ticket. However, you may exchange tickets or return tickets if you face any difficulty at any point within 24 hours.

Dress Code Policy At Pepsi Suite Centre

There is no need to dress up formally to sit in a Pepsi Center suite. As climate-controlled suites with a coat closet are available at the Nuggets. However, most visitors dress in business casual attire for corporate gatherings, while many suite guests dress casually.

Important Note on Dress Code

However, there are strict restrictions for those who wear short dresses or vulgar dresses, so they cannot enter premises until they change their attire.


Summing it up! Today everyone’s ambition is to watch games or host events in high-end suites with the most lavish facilities. There are many factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the right place for your game or event.

We hope that after reading our article, you will be able to make a quick decision about the suite. As we mentioned above, all the various types of Pepsi Center suites, the facilities, and policies.

So, before you go out to book your suite, make sure to read the above factors as it will merely assist you in choosing your desired suite within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, get ready and prepare your night out with this luxurious suite.

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