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Brooklyn Nets Suites. Barclays Center Suite Guide

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BARCLAYS CENTER, BROOKLYN, NY – Home of the Brooklyn Nets

The Barclays Center is a multi purpose arena in the New York City area known as Brooklyn. The official home of the NBA team the Brooklyn Nets and also the Brooklyn Liberty which is the WNBA team of the same area.

Besides these two sports teams, the area also hosts many concerts, events and special events throughout the year which ticket holders and suite owners can enjoy.

The entire area is just a part of a much bigger project called Pacific Park and you can read more about it here.

Brooklyn Nets Suites details and prices

The Barclays Center suites for the Brooklyn Nets games offer two styles of luxury boxes:

  • A Level Luxury Suite
  • B Level Luxury Suite

See below detailed information about each suite

A Level Luxury Suite

via rateyourseats

The A level luxury suites at the Barclays Center is just 25 rows away from the floor. If you don’t want floor seats but a luxury box that is as close as it gets to the floor, this is the best choice by far!

The suite offers a balcony where you can feel the crowd ( as pictured above ) and also comes with a grade catering to meet you and your guests every need. The Suite can accommodate between 8 to 27 guests at a time and you and your guests can enter the area via the Qatar VIP entrance for easy and quick access.

Each suite will also come with a dedicated and private assistant that will help you with every request you may have.

Here’s a virtual look of the view you can expect from this suite if you book the mid court location

brooklyn nets suites
via | Please note view may differ based on suite exact location.

B – Level Luxury Suite

brooklyn nets suites
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The B level suites at the Barclays Center are located directly above the A level suites and are more suited for people or small groups that need more privacy and happy to trade distance with privacy.

The suite offer a perfect sideline view of the court and has no balcony and can accommodate between 8 – 16 people at a time. As always with the Barclays Center suites you can expect premium and personal catering, leather chairs and plenty of room.

Here’s a virtual look of the view you can expect from this suite if you book the mid court location

brooklyn nets suites - virtual look
via | Please note that the B level suite is farther away from the court and above the A Level suites. View may change based on the location of the suite you choose.

If you want to see 3D virtual tours and views of the Suites, please go here

Brooklyn Nets Stadium seating chart with suites

Prices for Brooklyn Nets suites

Brooklyn Nets suites start at $5,000 per night for rent, this is the usual price for most regular season games. Please note though that the Nets suites prices may vary based on the game, day of week and the location of the suite itself. The most expensive days to rent a suite are usually in the middle of the week and when playing a premium competitor.

What determines the suites prices?

The suite price will vary based on the day of the week you wish to rent it, the game played, even the league ( NBA, WNBA ) and even the opponent played.

Why are middle week days more expensive? Well, because usually these are the days where big companies use the suites to entertain their important guests.

NFL games tend to be the most expensive to rent a suite because in the NFL you only play a very limited number of weeks compared to the NBA which is a much longer league.

The suite location inside the stadium also has a direct affect on the price, while most people think just sitting in a suite is the best you can get, in some stadiums there are multiple levels of suites in different locations, so some people or companies might prefer a specific suite location over the other and are willing to pay a premium for that location.


While most people know that waiting for the very last minute to book their ticket or even just get one right at the stadium at a lower cost, with suites it’s a different story, these luxury boxes rarely go unsold and the prices tend to go up as closer you get to the event.

So it is advisable to book your suite as much in advance as possible to save money and make sure you have the date and event you want.

Other expenses to consider while booking your Brooklyn Nets Suite

Full catering is not included in the price of the suite, don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you booked the suite, everything else is included.

Usually, the suite will come with basic catering of light food and soft drinks. You will need to add a budget for full catering – especially if you plan to host guests, you will probably want more snacks, alcoholic drinks and similar which will not be included and it will be uncomfortable to pay in cash for each drink and will not look good. So plan ahead, and pay a budget in advance when you book to cover these expenses.

If it’s a corporate event, with important guests, we learned that budgeting at least $1,000 – $2,000 in advance is advisable, but make sure you plan ahead with how many drinks you think people will order or if they come to eat, or just watch the game.


If you own a company that regularly host guests and book suites, it’s a good idea to book a few events in advance together for a discounted price. Like anything else in life, if you bulk order, you get a better deal. So if you know you host 2-3 events like this a year, pay for all 3 in one go to save money.

Frequently asked questions

Parking and transportation options

As the Brooklyn Nets Barclays is located in a convenient spot, most Nets fans arrive by subway or use one of the paid parking spots around the stadium

Entrance location

Suite ticket holders can enter Barclays Center stadium via the premium Qatar Airways entrance. Please note that the Qatar Airways entrance is open 90 min before the game while regular admission tickets are opened 60 minutes before.

Children policy

Any child under 34″ may enter with his parent without a separate ticket, Please note that any kid that is taller than 34″ will need his own ticket to the suite even if his parent already has a ticket. The suites are family friendly and secure and you can even get in with a stroller if needed

Bag Policy

Backups bigger than 14X14X6 will not be permitted to the Barclays Center.


Your suite will be completely private for you and your guests

Food and Catering

In 2021 and currently, all food will be pre-packed and delivered by Barclays staff wearing PPE

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