Our mission is to make it easy for everyone looking to purchase or learn about luxury boxes and suites in sport venues by creating a very detailed and honest review or informational piece of content. As a sport fan, I found it hard to find relevant info on my favorite team’s suite, so this site was born out of this need.

Honest reviews

Our content is NOT based on advertising. They are based on real life experiences and information that is validated and true. When we visit or write about a sport suite, we will write the bad things as well and try and provide the most detailed and honest review for our readers.


We are committed to provide the most up to date information on every venue we publish, if something has changed, we will make sure to update it as quickly as possible. And if we can’t do it, we will make sure one of our dedicated community members will.


We publish easy to understand guides, and provide the information as is, with no bias or complex words, we want the everyday person to find our pages, and get all the necessary information he is looking for in one place.

Our Suite experts

Sidney Cohen

Sidney is a long time sports reader and editor. Having worked with many online publications over the years she brings years of experience to the site and the information she research and provides is usually top notch.

Larry Pitchstone

Larry is an all start sports fan with years of passionate writing experience in the field. Larry has literaly traveled the country to find the best spots and sports suites and now he is writing about them here.

Sandy Chong

Sandy started her career as a junior sports reporter at a local TV station in a small town. She went to many different sport stadiums and events and witnessed first hand the big gap between what the stadiums offer, and what the fans really know. She is here to close that gap.

Alex Schinder

Alex is the newest member of the team, as a sports fan he enjoins reading and writing about NFL, NBA and even NHL, as a key member of the writing staff, he will provide an expert opinion on suites from the perspective of the fan.